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The Living-History Charter

Reconstitutions historiques du Premier Empire...autrement!



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The Living-History Charter

Historical reenactement is a hobby that has been steadily growing for the last few years. Many new participants appear on recreated battlefields and camps throughout Europe and, it should be noted, for motivations that are often in complete opposition.

Helas, this success has also brought a negative effect in terms of quality, security and authenticity. How many anachronisms de we see around tents or on the battlefields: plastic bottles and bags, drink tins of all types, modern tools, gobletes, plates, cutlery in stainless steel, etc...Our modern minds are accustomed to these objects and don't detect them as being "out of place" as we deal with them every day of our 21st century lives. And this is only the visible part of the iceberg because, if we were to take a closer look at the uniforms on display, we would often see that there too, shortcuts and modern resources have been used contrary to the norms and customs used by our ancestors.

The aim of this charter is not to impose a unified structure to the hobby of historical reenactement, but rather to propose communal rules and committements to those reenactors that wish to deepen their historical immersion in order to recreate a time and place in the past, in order to try to recreate the daily lives of the soldiers of the past.

By joining this charter, reenactors commit to respecting a certain number of rules that will inevitably increase the realism and authenticity of their representation.

The Living-History Charter is composed of several articles that take into account one's uniform, interpretation of period rules and regulations and interaction with both other reenactors and the public both in terms of visual quality and security which often gets taken too lightly.

Those which adhere to this charter will only be obliged to follow it's rules during events created and run along it's lines. Outside these events, they are free to act as they wish and wear what their conscience will allow (though it is encouraged to keep their committements even on an outside event). However, it is reminded that events organised by or with Charter rules are to be strictly observed in order for everyone to enjoy their immersion.

The articles of the charter are not "set in stone"; they can be modified at any moment, with requests studied and, in accordance with their pertinence, added or modified. The Living-History Charter is a collective project where each person has a say in it's progression.

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