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Fort l'Ecluse 1815

We are at the start of the month of June 1815.

The Emperor has returned from the island of Elba in the month of March 1815 and has retaken control of France. Louis XVIII has fled to Ghent and the allied powers have sworn to not rest until Napoleon is beaten once and for all.

War is inevitable and the Emperor has ordered, since the month of April, the creation of free corps in all frontier provinces. The departement of Ain, and the valley of Gex in particular, are concerned with these preparations as the Austrians are expected to invade via Switzerland, like they had done in 1814.

The Fort of Ecluse, striding the only road linking Geneva and France, has benefitted from substantial repair works over the last few months and is fully stocked with supplies.

Commander Villetard de la Guérie is appointed to take charge of the fort and has gathered a force of old soldiers and national guards.

Therefore, it is asked that all soldiers and officers of the infantry, the cavalry, the artillery, the naval forces and the engineering service to rally the fort.

The Austrian army is near Geneva and will undoubtly be sending reconnaissance troops to the fort. The garrison has the task to protect and prepare the fort in the next few days.

A detachement of soldiers march towards Fort l'Ecluse.

Last night in a bivouac.

On approaching the surrounding area of the fort, the soldier find...

...the advanced post of their Hungarian allies.

The French and their Swiss allies attack...

...but the Hungarians hold their positions.

Injured soldiers are now prisonners.

The French have to fall back to the security of the fort...

...whilst the Allies take control of the external walls...

...and dig in to start siege operations.

From time to time, the French come out to try and disorder the Allied operations.

Some prefer to finish with the war and become prisoners.

Today, the French commander wishes to talk...

...the Allied commander accepts the proposal to a temporary cease-fire... order for the French to bury their dead...

...and to exchange prisoners.

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