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La Boissiére-Ecole 1815

June 1815. After the Battle of Waterloo and the fall of Paris, the French army is in retreat and desperately trying to save it's skin. A small Anglo-Dutch detachement has come been sent on a pacification mission around the area of the village of La Boissiére-Ecole, west of Rambouillet. But little do they know that the area is the bivouac of a small French detachement.

Dutch jagers at the start of the day.

The French commander deploys his scouts.

The Allies are on the march.

Skirmishes break out here and there, without anyone getting an advantage.

Night falls and the soldiers get their bivouacs ready.

The next day, the Allies launch an assault...

...but the French resist...

...before falling back towards the Loire valley.

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