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Riquewihr 1793

On February 8th 1793, Great Britain forced the French National Convention to declare war. Pitt soon managed to install new determination amongst France's enemies of 1792 (Prussia, Austria and the German states). British diplomacy also went on the offensive, adding the Netherlands, Portugal, Naples and Rome to the coalition. The British however had a harder time convincing Spain and Russia to join the new alliance, but thanks to the new Spanish Prime Minster (Godoy), this country eventually join the Allies whilst Russia only signed up once England had accepted the partition of Poland proposed by the Czarina Catherine II. British efforts to get Sweden, Denmark, Genoa, Venise, Switzerland and the Ottoman Empire on board failed, as these countries sought to keep their neutrality. It is fair to say however, apart from these six states, all of Europe was allied against France in the spring of 1793.

The 1793 campaign started badly for the forces of the Republic: At the battle of Neerwinden (March 18th), the Austrians defeated the forces of Dumouriez and at Famars (May 23rd), General de Lamarche's troops were beaten by the Duke of York at the head of a army composed of Austrians, Hanoverians and British soldiers.

It was in this climate of defeat that the 248th Marching Detachement, a provisional unit made up of drafts from diferrents units, received the responsability of policing the village of Riquewihr in Alsace in order to secure the supply lines of the French army actually campaigning in Germany.

The detachement passing a review.

Patrolling the village.

Appointé Sanmarcelli with the standard.

A night patrol getting ready.

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