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La Boissiére-Ecole 1815

June 1815. After the Battle of Waterloo, the French army is in retreat and desperately trying to organise the defence of Paris. It has come to the attention of the French commanders that the Allies are progressing in the western woods of the village of La Boissiére-Ecole. The 248th Marching Detachement, a unit organised with drafts from different regiments within the regular army and the national guard, has been given the task of finding, analysing and stopping this Allied advance towards Paris.

Dutch light infantryman on look-out

British soldiers of the 95th (Rifles)

Soldiers of the 7th Dutch Hussars.

French light cavalry charging into action.

French infantry attacking...

...and Dutch-Belgian infantry to meet them.

Soldiers of the 92nd (Gordon) Highlanders.

Infantrymen of the Prussian Silesian Landwehr.

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