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La Boissiére-Ecole 1815

June 1815. After the Battle of Waterloo and the fall of Paris, the French army is in retreat and desperately trying to save it's skin. A small Anglo-Dutch detachement has come been sent on a pacification mission around the area of the village of La Boissiére-Ecole, west of Rambouillet. But little do they know that the area is the bivouac of a small French detachement.

Many thanks to Krystyna Janusz Zeppelin Studio for these wonderful photos!

Soldiers of the Chasseurs Britanniques Regiment on a patrol.

Dutch column on the march.

Sharpshooters of the King's German Legion.

Soldiers of the elite company of the 12e Chasseurs à Cheval.

Soldiers of the 27th Dutch Light Battalion in action.

Prussian soldiers of the Pomeranian Landwehr.

Soldiers of the 7th Belgian Infantry give fire.

French infantry charging.

Soldiers of the light company of the 92nd Gordon Highlanders.

French skirmishers in the woods.

Dutch and Prussian soldiers defend a position.

Dutch and German skirmishers, accompanied by Dutch hussars.

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