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Le Barroux 1812

Since 1811, diplomatic relations between France and Russia have gradually been deteriorating. We are now in April 1812 and the Emperor Napoleon has decided to bring together an "army of twenty nations" in order to put the Russians in their place.

Whilst preparations for the concentration of the army in Poland for May 1812, the French authorities are worried that France might be left exposed to a possible British amphibious assault in the south of the country. There is also the problem of the army of the Duke of Wellington to consider, which is winning victory upon victory in Spain and could soon be threatening France's borders.

In order to counter these threats, the minister of war has decided to organise a chain of garrisons along the Mediterranean coast and the Pyrenees which will be responsible for keeping order in these sensitive areas, track down deserters and supply reinforcements to the French armies currently operating in Spain.

The 248th Marching Detachement, a provisional unit composed of drafts from differents regiments, is in charge of the castle in the village of Barroux, located to the north of Carpentras in Provence.


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The Guard House

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