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Le Barroux 1813

The Grand Army has disappeared in the snows of Russia and Napoleon must ressurect his war machine in Germany in order to confront the new coalition that is forming against him. Despite being linked by marriage to the Austrian crown, the lackluster performance of the Austrian Auxiliary Corps in Russia and the tense relations with his father-in-law, the French emperor also knows that this country will soon be taking up arms against him. For the moment, he must concentrate all his efforts into organising the Army of Germany and the Army of Italy to defend France from invasion.

Military situation of the 1st Military Division
The general in charge of the 1st military division is an old soldier of the wars of the Revolution. Aware that the risk of invasion that the ministry of war has not even tried to hide from him, he has decided to take measures to counter any invasion of his sector. Whilst he doesn't have sufficient forces to counter an invasion head-on, he does have at his disposal several ways of mobilising them. What is his objectif? To delay the enemy for 3 or 4 days in his march towards the Rhone valley in order for the troops around Lyon, Marseille and Toulon to unite and form a force capable of blocking the enemy or even destroying him. In order to do this, he has chosen to establish a defensive line of forts and garrisons that will encompass the towns of Malaucène, Le Barroux, Caromb, Carpentras, etc.

The old general therefore needs to put in place several measures:
Recall detachements currently on their way to Italy.
Call up all officers and soldiers that are on leave or on half-pay.
Redeploy part of his depots towards his defensive line.
Call out the National Guard and retired soldiers to reinforce his detachements.
Requisition supplies and materials from the civilian population.
Lastly, he knows that faced with the dangers of an invasion, the patriotism of the French people only needs to be lit to create a blaze.

Commander of Le Barroux garrison

Bits and pieces to mend

Soldiers of the 12e Régiment Chasseurs à Cheval

Constructing a willow gabion

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