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Feuquières 1815

June 1815: The Allies are pouring into France following the Battle of Waterloo to bring down the Bonparatist regime. A small detachement is sent out to pacify the area around the village of Feuquières and locate any isolated French forces.

Dawn is rising on a small bivouac of French soldiers.

The Allies are getting ready to start their pacification and liberation mission in the area.

A patrol of the British 15th Hussars scouting in the nearby village of St-Deniscourt.

The soldiers' work is particularly difficult due to the freakishly high temperature of the day. 

Shattered by their efforts, the soldiers settle into their new bivouacs.

The next morning, the French attack the Allied positions.

Skirmishes between the two forces erupt here and there... 

...but neither side wishes to escalate this engagement into a full confrontation... 

...and the French are free to continue on the way. 

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